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Custom Cards

Custom Cards

Personalized hand-made cards, created to order. 5 x 7" (standard card size). 

In your message, please let me know:


  • The occasion
  • What subject matter you'd like on the front 
  • What message you'd like written inside, if any


Please keep in mind these are relatively small cards so the best suggestions will be scenes (like landscapes) or one to two elements you'd like portrayed. If you're unsure about how your idea will fit on a card, don't hesitate to message me and we can surely figure it out together!


If you'd like a greeting card but don't need it to be tailor-made, check out my two-packs of cards (coming soon). 


  • Return Policy

    I will make sure you're satisfied with the card prior to mailing it out, so I will only be able to accept returns for items that arrive damaged. 

    I will either issue a refund once I've received the original item back. 

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